Best PAYG / Prepaid 3G/4G Mobile Internet in France with Bouygues Telecom

There is a good offer from Bouygues Telecom on a PAYG Data Sim –  6 Gigabytes valid for 31 days price 30 euros. The other rates are 5 euros for one day limit 500mb and 15 euros for 7days limit 2 Gig.  Top up is online only and will require a bank card issued in France to be successful. When the data limit is reached download speed is reduced for the remainder of the period of validity. Useful feature to keep up with emails after the main data allowance has been used.

The Bouygues Nomad Sims come with 2 days internet connection and must be registered with Bouygues. Sims can  be purchased online with a bank card issued in France and a postal address in France. More information here –



This is a 4G Sim. Good with 3G/4G enabled tablets, Mifi and 3G Routers and USB Modems.

Useful alternative to Orange France and SFR if you can meet the conditions. Check coverage at your location in France using this link –

 Update 16 June 2014

I have tried 2 of Nomad Sims and found out a little more about how they work. The Sim is valid for 8 months from first use and for 12 months after the top up. After the first two days use a top up/registration  screen comes up and the  registration is easy to do.  Top up with a bank card issued in France is also very straightforward.

I have  a solution to the French bank card and address issues  which will help International travellers or others who can not meet the Sim conditions.   More information  here   6 gig for a month for 30 euros is the best PAYG rate I have found on the French 3G/4G networks. The bank card solution is easy but costs a little to set up and use. If you are in France for a while or make regular visits this is definitely worthwhile.

Update 7 March 2015

Nomad sims are no longer available for purchase from the Bouygues Telecom website. As an alternative you can make a purchase here  or go to a Bouygues Boutique. If you can meet the conditions – top up online with bank card issued in France only and address in France for registration – these Sims still offer very good value PAYG mobile data.

Update 28 July 2015

Limited availability in Bouygues Telecom boutiques.  Possibly being replaced by a contract sim with lower rates. Orange France charges for data have been reduced and now offers a good alternative to Bouygues for prepay/pay as you data go on usb modems and 3G/4G routers.

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