How to Find Good Wifi Hotspots in France – Free French Broadband Internet 24/7

Free Wifi Internet in France for your Campervan, Caravan, House or Boat

There are lots of options for wifi in France now. Free wifi hotspots are not limited to McDonalds and Autoroute Service Stations. With a decent wifi set up to  give  long range  reception it is possible to find good free wifi internet almost anywhere in France.

This is my set up  –  Alfa Networks AWUS 036H usb wifi adaptor, 8 dBi omnidirectional aerial mounted on a magnetic base with 1.5 metre cable. The aerial is mounted on my van roof. This gives the possibility of connection up to a range of about 6km – almost 4 miles – with good clear line of sight. I am doing this in a van but this set up could equally well be used in a campervan, caravan, house or boat.

Here is an example of a free hotspot connection at a full 3 miles giving a slow but usable link – fast enough for emails and listening to Radio 4.


Free Wifi Using the FON Network.

There are FON hotspots all over France. All you need is  to set up a FON router in your home country and share part of the bandwidth. Easy to do, not too expensive and the FON router does not have to be turned on while you are travelling.  SFR FON hotspots are quite common in France and offer a free connection if you have a FON account and log in. Here is an example of a FON hotspot connection-


Information about FON here –

FON is not just for France. Take a look at the FON map here –

I use Inssider to look for possible hotspots. This works well and shows the signal level and type of encryption for the detected wireless networks.  This is what it looks like on the screen –


Here is a link to the Inssider website –

The most important factor for getting free wifi in France is a good long range wireless set up. If you need help with this – Just ask or take a look at


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