My Dongle Is Up The Pole!


Its not really a dongle its a Huawei Mifi Router and it is not really a pole its a 5 metre length of tiling batten but…. it has solved a major internet problem for me  in the UK and might have wider applications.

Travelling in France using the Orange France network it is a given that internet will be available on tap. Not so in the UK. In this location in  Suffolk there is signal available from TMobile, Vodafone and O2 but data is intermittent from all three networks. Works  a little during the night and early morning. Stops in the day time and comes back in the evening.Several calls to Vodafone Customer Services have not helped resolved the issue.

Some networks in the UK are operating on 900mHz and I thought this might be worth a try. This is a relatively new development. 3G broadband on 900mHz rather than 2100.  With a change of router and a little exploration of the site with the Mifi Router on top of a tiling batten to give some height a good connection was possible but at the moment only in one place – up a wild cherry tree!


Internet connection was all but impossible last year. Now in the same location a fast and reliable broadband connection is available all day, every day.

More to follow – hardware, set up and future developments.


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