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Simyo France 3G Sim PAYG – Low Cost Calls in France

March 19, 2013



Simyo France – Low Cost PrePay 3G Sim

Simyo France 3G Mobile Phone Sim French PAYG – Low cost calls in France and Europe

Simyo offers low cost calls in France and good rates for calls to Europe and Worldwide. Rates start at 10 eurocents a minute for local calls. No charge to receive calls in France. Good online support from the Simyo website. Ready for immediate use in France – just needs a call to Simyo to activate the Sim. The operators are French but mostly good with English. During the call you are asked for your name, date of birth and address. UK or other home address will be fine or you can use your temporary address in France.The Sim is activated immediately after this call and the telehpone number comes in a text message. This first call is free of charge. The Sim has to be registered with Simyo to add further credit. Registration is very easy to do. Complete form supplied with the Sim – telephone number, name and address. Post  the form plus a copy of your ID in the envelope supplied with the Sim.  No stamp needed when posted in France.

This is an easy to use Sim. Calls are at low rates with no need to purchase special offers or other options to get the low rates. Top up can be done online with a bank card. UK and International cards are accepted. For travellers in France this is the Sim of choice for phone calls. 

9 June  – Just topped up my Simyo France account. 30 euros for 450 minutes of calls valid for 3 months  AND done with a UK bank card. Usually 10 eurocents a minute but special offer just now gives calls at around 7 eurocents a minute. Good rates for International Calls too.

22 August 2013

Lost my  phone in France. Suspended the Sim on the Simyo website. Called Simyo who have sent me a new Sim with my original number. No charge.

10 December 2013

Current rates for Simyo

Calls :       0,10€/ min
SMS :       0,05€/ SMS
Internet :  0,05€/ Mb

How can I get Simyo? Ask

Update 28 July 2015

Simyo are ceasing operations in November 2015.