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SFR France PAYG Mobile Phone and Data Sims

November 28, 2012

SFR offer mobile phone and data Sims with reasonable prepaid rates for phone calls and data. The mobile phone Sim is La Carte. The Data Sim for tablets, iPads, Mifi and 3G Routers is Pret a Surfer. Top up online with a bank card issued in France or with vouchers from supermarkets and tabacs in France. In France all Sim cards must be registered with the network.SFR Sims can be registered  in the following ways –

1. By visiting the following address: / identification
2. By  sending your personal details and a photocopy of your identification:
– By e-mail at: identificationlacarte @
– By fax to 0811 70 70 71
– By post  to the following address: SFR La Carte Form – Authorization 42048-57059 Metz Cedex 2

12 February 2014

SFR have doubled the data on the vouchers. Not sure how long this promotion will last. Vouchers are long dated so buy now for use later is possible option.

  • 1 day       3 euros     200mb
  • 1 week     9 euros      1 gig
  • 1 month  30 euros     4 gig

May 5 2014  – Latest SFR Rates for PAYG /PrePay 3G Data in France

SFR Data Sim – Pret a Surfer

  • Includes 15 days connection (limit 200mb)
  • 1 Day            3  Euros     200mb
  • 7 Days          9  Euros     1 gig
  • 30 days      30  Euros   4  gig

Check available SFR International and Roaming  top ups using this -link-

Check SFR signal at your location in France here –

June 2014

SFR 4G Sims are available now in SFR Boutiques, for online purchase from SFR with a bank card issued in France or at